Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

St. Clair College - Windsor, Ontario

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2000 Talbot Road West Windsor ON Canada Box 18 N9A 6S4   Ph:   1-519-972-2727 ext. 4829  Fax:   1-519-972-2707

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Student Details:

Name: Luis Ho Ku
Country of Origin: Panama
Field of Study: Computer Systems Technology

 Student Story:

St. Clair College, Student Stories What made you choose to study in Canada?
I really wanted to create a future for myself and wanted to finish my studies and become a professional, with a diploma. My parents had heard many great things about Canada from friends and families and I chose to pursue my dream.

Why did you select St. Clair College?
My Lawyer in Panama assisted me in choosing St. Clair College. I wanted a very good college where I could finish my studies and graduate as a computer programmer and I was told St. Clair College provided a great education.

How does St. Clair College compare to colleges from your country? What about the facilities and instructors?
The teachers are very professional and well trained and they are ready to teach you. The teachers make sure you understand what they are teaching and they provide the necessary tools so you are prepared when you go to the real world and work as a professional. The facilities are excellent, with everything that the student needs to successfully complete their studies. The computer lab is amazing. If you need extra help on one of yours courses, you can use the tutors through student services.

How do you rate the program in which you are currently enrolled? How demanding is it and how do you find the entire learning experience? How do you think it compares to similar programs that you could have taken at home?
If I have to rate it from 0 to 10, I give it a 11, programmers are needed a lot these days, a well-trained programmer is able to manage databases, make programs to ease the job, web pages, etc, as long as it needs coding, it's the programmer's job. My experience at St. Clair College has been a blast.

How would you best describe the program you are in? Are there any features that make the program distinct or unique?
It's computer programmer analyst, how unique it couldn't get?? This is the only field where real mind challenge takes place, logic thinking and problem solving to create something.

How was the adjustment in moving to Canada? What are the differences between Canada and your country?
It was a very smooth adjustment coming to Canada except for the weather. I don't like the weather in North America. I have not been used to the cold winter months yet, but it gets a bit easier. You have to dress for the weather! That is the biggest difference.

If English is not your first language, what is it like for you to study in English?
It gets pretty hard sometimes, especially when the teacher talks the programming terminologies, but god bless the teacher that they are willing to try many ways for you to understand, and besides, you can always count on the tutoring service to find tutors for extra help.

What special services does the school offer for International Students?
The International Office helps with homestay arrangements and makes sure health insurance is in place before students arrive. They also plan excellent trips exclusively for the international students. They have dedicated consultants that the international students can seek help from if they require, especially for issues like study permits, work permits, visa, tourism etc.

What is it like to study in Canada? What impressions will you retain from Canada once you've left?
My experience in Canada has been awesome. I have met so many great people and I have learned so much, that I feel that I am ready to engage in the real world and utilize my learning experience. Canada helps a lot of the international students, by giving them the chance to find jobs, and lessen the hassle of going in and out of Canada with a student visa type multiple entries. I will never forget this experience and I really hope I am able to stay here and build my family and career in Canada because Canada has been so good to me and I feel very fortunate to have lived and studied here. The education at St. Clair has been wonderful and I will remember my teachers and classmates and have formed wonderful, lasting relationships with them.

What will you do once you've completed the program?
Apply for the post-graduate work permit and find a job as soon as possible and hope to be able to build my career and family in Canada.

What advice would you give to other students coming from your country to study in Canada?
Don't waste this opportunity, it's the perfect place to study and they will provide you with excellent training, , but you must be ready, it will be tough when you start missing your country and friends, family, etc, but by you coming here to study it will change your life forever, friends and family are always there with you no matter where you go, but to be able to finish your studies takes time and the faster you finish the much more successful you will be. I promise, once you finished your studies you will be very glad and happy that you did it.