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A Home Away from Home

Home-stay is the great adventure of living in another country with a warm and caring family. Students who live in home-stays find their English or French improves dramatically through friendly conversations and daily activities with their families. These family relationships often endure well past the completion of the course, and lead to lifelong friendships. Host families are carefully select... read more

A Who's Who of Canadian Culture

Canada has a long history of artistic accomplishments dating back to the 1920s with a famous collaboration of landscape painters knows as the Group of Seven. The Canadian Arts Community of today is more diverse than ever, including highly acclaimed artists in a variety of genres including writing, painting, music, and acting. Here are eight of Canada's most recognised contemporary artists that tru... read more

Bring Your Studies into the World

Once you decide to study abroad, you will be faced with a number of destinations to choose from. A group of students provide their thoughts on why Canada is one of the best places in the world to study. "The biggest thing I've learned [in Canada] is to be open to new things, new people and new cultures," says David Naranjo, a Marketing student at George Brown College, who is originally from Ecu... read more

Canadian History in 60 Seconds

15,000 B.C. - The first Aboriginals arrive in northern Canada, crossing the land bridge between Asia and Alaska. 1497 - Italian John Cabot, hired by King Henry VII of England, lands in Newfoundland and claims the area for England. 1534 - French explorer Jacques Cartier travels the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 1608 - French explorer Samuel de Champlain founds the city of Quebec. 1610 - Henry H... read more

Change of Scenery

Canada offers many opportunities for international students, faculty and staff to participate in study abroad programs. By studying in Canada for a semester or a year, you will add an international dimension to your degree, while making contacts in your perspective field. These programs allow the student an opportunity to study in another city or country and apply the credits earned to their pr... read more


No matter what the season, there is always something to celebrate in Canada. Each province hosts festivals that are unique to their environment and culture, giving Canada a diverse variety of celebrations from coast to coast. Time your Canadian studies to coincide with one of these special events - it's worth it. Autumn Festivals Toronto Film Festival, Ontario In its 27 years, The Toronto... read more

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