Why study in Canada is a question asked-and answered-by about 150,000 international students who come to study in Canada each year. They come from nations all over the world to pursue an education at Canadian high-schools, colleges and universities.

Canada offers many advantages to the international student. Canada has an excellent reputation around the world, and provides a safe, multicultural environment for anyone to study. Canadian educational institutions are internationally known for their quality, and Canadian certifications are accepted world-wide. Comparatively low tuition makes Canadian education an excellent value.

International students also come for the experience of a country with incredibly diverse natural and cultural environments. Canada has a wide variety of wildlife and many different ecosystems to explore, from the Arctic to coastal rainforests. There are also many interesting cities and towns of different sizes, histories and even languages. Canadians themselves are a diverse yet friendly, welcoming people with a history of immigration and settlement that makes them sensitive to the needs of visitors and newcomers.

Why study in Canada? Canada offers international students many opportunities to grow and experience adventure both inside and outside the classroom.

Human Development Index (HDI) Rankings

Canada 3 New Zealand 20
Australia 4 United Kingdom 21
France 11 Germany 23
United States 15

(HDI measures a country's achievements in health, knowledge, and standard of living.)