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Universities in Canada are internationally-recognized, affordable and ready to meet the variety of educational needs of local and international students. A total of approximately one million students-including about 70,000 students from over 130 different countries!--attend classes in Canadian universities each year.

Canadian universities can be public or private, and offer 3- and 4-year bachelor's degrees, 2-year associate's degrees and, at the graduate level, master's and doctoral degrees.

Most Canadian universities are general education institutions with degree programs in a wide range of academic fields, but some are more specialized. For instance, a university may be faith-based (Christian or Catholic) or field-specific (for instance, an art and design school). Canadian universities not only come in different types, they also come in different sizes, with anywhere between 80 and 50,000 undergraduate students. In fact, a single large university can offer up to 840 undergraduate programs!

Many universities in Canada have on-campus residences, allowing for a welcoming immersion into campus community life. With over 100 universities in major cities and more rural communities across the country, university programs in Canada are easily accessible, and attract a diverse student body from home and abroad.

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