• In 2005, the latest year for which there are figures, total registrations in apprenticeship programs in Canada reached 293,835.

  • The largest number of apprenticeship registrations is in the building construction trades group, at over 68,000 in 2005.

  • Women have been registering for apprenticeships in increasing numbers and now make up over 10% of all apprentices, up from 4% a decade ago.

  • British Columbia had the greatest increase in overall apprenticeships in 2005 at 20.5 per cent, followed by Alberta and the Yukon, both at over 12 per cent, and Ontario at 10 per cent.

  • A recent study concluded that for every dollar employers invested in apprenticeship training, they realized an average benefit of $1.38.

  • Women make up over 63% of registered apprentices in the food and service trades whereas they make up less than 3% of registered apprentices in the building construction trades.

  • There has been a sharp jump in the number of young (under 20) apprentices, with this number rising to over 16,000.