Teacher education programs in Canada are extremely varied and therefore popular among international students. The 4-year Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree has two main routes: elementary education and secondary education. Within each are many possible major and minor areas, such as early childhood education, educational psychology, English as a second language (ESL), dance and drama, French immersion, art, literature, math/science, music, Aboriginal education, Jewish studies, physical education, social studies, cultural studies, special education/ learning disabilities, career and technology studies, health education and religious and moral/ethical education. A Bachelor of Adult Education and Training (BAET) may also be available, and those interested in teaching religion or Christian studies might consider pursuing a BEd or Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) at a Christian university, which might also have 2-year university transfer programs in elementary or secondary education.

Combined teacher education degrees allow you to graduate with two degrees after 5 years of study. The most common combined degrees are Bachelor of Education with a Bachelor of Arts (BA/BEd), Bachelor of Science (BSc/ BEd), Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE/BEd), or Bachelor of Music (BMus/ BEd). Usually bachelor's degrees in education lead to teacher certification in that province, and can also lead into graduate programs in education.

Universities, community colleges and career colleges also offer many 1- to 2-year associate's degrees, diplomas and certificates in areas like literacy instruction, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), special education teacher assistant and early childhood care and education. A specialty department dealing with learning disabilities or educational and counselling psychology may offer diplomas in developmental disabilities/ autism, behavioural disorders and infant development. Two-year university transfer programs in education are also often available. Don't discount a career college because it's called a business college! Many of these and other general career colleges offer teacher education diplomas and certificates. Specialty colleges also exist for languages, Aboriginal education, human services and early childhood education. All teacher education programs in Canada include a practicum or work placement.