Each year over 300,000 international students attend Canadian universities, colleges and high schools, ESL and French language schools and other educational institutions. Canadian universities and colleges have earned an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research with particular strengths in the areas of computer science, business, engineering, health sciences, marine studies, and natural resources. Canada’s postsecondary institutions boast first-rate facilities and also a wide variety of international student support services.

And Canada’s public and private high schools and middle schools are ranked amongst the highest in the world for student achievement and offer a wide variety of specialized programs to students studying for one year or more.

Students can also chose from a wide variety of English or French language programs and courses offered throughout every province in Canada.

Canada’s ten provinces and three territories offer something for everyone and with the highest immigration rate per capita in the world and with a landscape spanning 6 time zones and a land mass including the tundra of the north to the Great Lakes of the south and the Rocky Mountains in the west, study abroad students will have the opportunity to see, feel, taste, and embrace the diversity that is Canada today. 

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Semester and Year Abroad Programs

Students who incorporate overseas study to Canada into their academic programs deepen their knowledge and understanding of international, political and economic issues as well. Many students return from their time abroad with a better perspective on world affairs and a broader understanding of their own country and its way of life.

Students going abroad to Canada today have a wide choice of programs from business, engineering and health to other disciplines. In fact, students in all fields can choose programs ranging from a semester, to part of a summer or even a four-week session offered between semesters.

And if you are a graduate student, you may be able to enrol independently at a Canadian university, generally for short-term study or research. In addition, some Canadian universities and colleges sponsor graduate programs abroad or admit graduate students to their undergraduate programs overseas.

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Homestay Programs for International Students

Homestay programs provide students from all over the world, the opportunity to experience Canadian lifestyle and culture, improve their English or French, and meet new people.  Home stay means living with a Canadian family who will welcome you, make you feel comfortable, even include you in family activities on a regular basis for the time you"re in their home. Your host family will also help you to adjust to life in Canada – showing you the location of stores, helping you understand the bus system, banking and much more.

Finding a good place to live is an essential aspect of any student"s experience and not all schools offer on-campus housing, and not all students want to live in a dormitory.  Homestay is an excellent alternative. One of the greatest benefits of home stay for many international students is the exposure to English or French, since speaking English or French with native speakers outside of the classroom is vital for improving fluency. Many teachers and student advisors will agree that ESL and FSL students living in home stays progress faster than students living with their fellow countrymen. Various other advantages to living with a host family may include a private bedroom, a welcoming home atmosphere, guidance and orientation to a new environment, and rich cultural learning opportunities.

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Study Abroad in Canada High School Homestay Programs
Study Abroad in Canada Middle School Homestay Programs
Study Abroad in Canada Private Homestay Programs – Coming Soon! 

Sports and Outdoor Programs for International Students
For international students who enjoy hiking, cycling, horseback riding, kayaking and other outdoor activities, a variety of high quality short- and long-term outdoor recreation programs are offered in Canada.  These can be combined with middle and secondary school programs or they can be delivered as stand-alone activities.  Many certified private training institutions in Canada now offer short- and mid-term programs in a variety of sports and outdoor areas.  One of the fastest growing segments is eco-adventure programs.  In some cases, these programs may also be combined with summer ESL or FSL programs.  

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Study Abroad in Canada High Schools in Canada with Sports Programs
Study Abroad in Canada High Schools in Canada with Outdoor Programs
Study Abroad in Canada Middle Schools in Canada with Outdoor Programs
Study Abroad in Canada Private Institutions Offering Sports and Outdoor Programs – Coming Soon! 

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