Canada middle school experience involves opportunities for learning both in class and outside of the classroom. Canada has a wide variety of schools, programs and natural settings, which means your middle school experience will vary depending on where you go. But there are some basics common to all middle experience in Canada.

Options for Canada middle schools include public and private schools, day schools and boarding schools, religious schools and secular schools. Many middle schools offer an intensive or specialized English as a Second Language (ESL) or French as Second Language (FSL) program designed for international students. You will therefore experience personal attention and support from highly motivated and qualified teachers, professors and administrators.

In terms of learning environment, Canada offers urban and rural settings, temperate southern and more uniquely northern options. Middle school experience in Canada provides immersion in local culture, history and amazing natural environments. There are also options for English or French immersion, different curricula, and a variety of housing choices. Tuition and costs will depend on what accommodation you need and where you choose to study.

Regardless of location, middle schools in Canada must meet provincial quality standards, ensuring that all international students in the province receive a world-class education.

The middle school experience in Canada means you will be well prepared to continue on to secondary school, whether in Canada, elsewhere in Canada or elsewhere in the world.