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Private international secondary schools in Canada are privately-funded and an alternative to the public education system. Some schools have a particular religious or language affiliation, and may offer boarding or day-only programs. Many others, however, are focused on particular educational methods or philosophies that differ from the public system. Roughly 8% of students in Canada are enrolled in the private school system.

Private secondary schools are, like public schools, regulated by the provincial governments, but have more freedom to choose particular approaches or include instruction in multiple languages. Increased flexibility and lower enrollment can offer more specifically-targeted education to the international student, as there may be more room for accommodation, personal attention and any special arrangements that may be necessary. Specifics will vary from school to school, and from province to province.

Private secondary schools may have also specific admission requirements, such as high grades, high scores on an entrance exam, or a special assessment. They may request or require an interview with the student and the student's parents. They may also have a dress code, though not all private schools in Canada require a uniform.

The tuition for private international secondary schools is often higher than that for the public system. Yearly tuition generally ranges from $12,000-$18,000 CAD and there may be additional fees at the discretion of the school. Private international secondary schools may have dormitories or arrangements for homestay families, providing another level of personalized Canadian experience for international students.

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 Ashbury College
   Ottawa, Ontario
 Elmwood School
   Ottawa, Ontario
 Fulford Academy
   Brockville, Ontario
 Great Lakes College of Toronto
   Toronto, Ontario
 Luther College High School
   Regina, Saskatchewan
 Metropolitan Preparatory Academy
   Toronto, Ontario
 Pickering College
   Newmarket, Ontario
 Praxis International Institute
   Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
 Regent Christian Academy
   Surrey, British Columbia
 St. John's-Ravenscourt School
   Winnipeg, Manitoba
 St. Margaret's School
   Victoria, British Columbia
 Stanstead College
   Stanstead, Quebec
 Upper Canada College
   Toronto, Ontario

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