If you are considering choosing engineering school, your post-secondary planning process should begin as early as high school. Engineering programs can be competitive and are rigorous. Therefore, it is important to plan your high school courses accordingly: load up on math, science, drafting or mechanical drawing and computer classes to ensure that you are well prepared for the schools that make your list. 

If you are still in high school and are thinking about going to engineering school, there are several additional things that you can do to prepare and increase your chances of being accepted:

  • Undertake to read and study independently. This is a good way to develop interests, expand your knowledge and improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills needed for school. Engineering students often have the greatest difficulty with writing and English classes in their first year of post-secondary study. This will also help you if admission requirements include an interview, since you will be able to impress the committee with the knowledge you have built up of terms and issues specific to this area of study.

  • Gain experience in the engineering field. Job shadowing, talking with a professional, or attending a summer or spring break engineering camp are all recommended activities.

  • Validating your interest in engineering by volunteering and providing direct service in the engineering fields is a good way to demonstrate your commitment and can make a difference to your being accepted into highly competitive engineering fields. 

  • Consider how you can develop leadership skills while you are still in high school. Admissions committees value engineering school applicants who can demonstrate leadership potential. You can acquire leadership in school clubs, volunteer programs, and through an internship or summer job.