FSL courses in Ontario are designed to meet many different French language needs. Some of the more common French as a second language (FSL) courses available in Ontario include:

  • business French

  • conversational French

  • French for specific purposes (such as medical, legal, educational, etc.)

  • French for the workplace

  • university or college preparation

  • high school preparation

  • integrated programs (read, write, listen, speak)

  • child/youth programs (for students 12 years old and younger)

  • teacher training programs (DALF/TEF)

  • French proficiency and test preparation
These FSL courses and programs are often offered at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. They may be semester programs, summer programs, or immersion camps, and program length varies between 5 weeks to 15 weeks. Some FSL courses and programs are specifically designed to be tailored for individuals or for groups. FSL course availablility in Ontario will differ depending on whether you take them at a university, college, public high school, private high school, or private language institution. As well, different FSL courses and programs lead to different goals; some award a certificate, while others are short-term language skills upgrading. This variety of options means international students should be able to find an FSL course in Ontario to meet their needs.