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English as a Second Language (ESL) programs focusing on English for the workplace are designed for international students who will eventually be using English as their daily language at work, whether work is an office, a school, customer service position or other job. These programs teach the vocabulary and terminology needed for English-language work-place interactions, either with coworkers or with customers and clients. English for the workplace programs may be offered at a variety of institutions, including high schools, community colleges, universities and private language institutes.

Browse our featured schools in Canada with English for the workplace programs to read about the different schools and what they offer. Use the links on each institution's profile to visit the school's website or request free information.

Featured Schools with English for the Workplace

 Hansa Language Centre
   English Language Program
 McGill University
   Department of English and French Language Programs
 NorQuest College
   English as a Second Language Education
 University of British Columbia, The
   English Language Institute
 University of New Brunswick
   English Language Programme
 University of Victoria
   English Language Centre
 Vancouver Island University
   English Language Centre (ELC)

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