• At 23,000 students, Ontario has the highest enrolment in undergraduate engineering; at 80 students, PEI has the lowest.

  • The most popular undergraduate engineering program is mechanical, with almost 12,000 students; mining and mineral engineering is the least popular, with approximately 325 students.

  • Over 55,000 students are enrolled in full-time undergraduate engineering programs in Canada.

  • Almost 11,000 undergraduate engineering degrees are awarded each year in Canada.

  • Almost 18% of all undergraduate engineering enrolment is women.

  • The most popular engineering discipline for women is chemical engineering, with women comprising 44% of total enrolment.

  • The University of Toronto’s Engineering school has the largest undergraduate enrolment in Canada -  4,000 students, followed by the University of Waterloo, 3,900 students, and the University of Alberta, 3,300 students. 

  • In 1854 the first engineering course in Canada was offered at King’s College, which was to become the nucleus of the University of New Brunswick.

  • The Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) was established by Engineers Canada in 1965 to accredit undergraduate engineering programs which provide the academic requirements necessary for registration as a professional engineer in Canada.