Design and applied arts programs in Canada provide many educational and career options for creative-minded international students.

Degree options in design and applied arts include a 3- or 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Design (BDes), Bachelor of Applied Design (BAD), Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA), Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT), Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) or Bachelor of Media Arts (BMA) degree. Within these degrees you can pursue a wide variety of specializations, such as graphic design, web design, video game design, fashion or costume design, interior design, architectural design, environmental design, applied photography, jewellery or decorative art (ceramics, metalwork, textiles). In 2007, the most popular majors at the Ontario College of Art and Design were advertising, drawing and painting, graphic design, illustration, and industrial design.

Most design and applied arts programs are offered in the design faculty or department of a university. However, Canada also has universities devoted specifically to art and design. Many community colleges also offer design and/ or applied arts programs, with some colleges also dedicated solely to this field. Their programs are usually 1- to 2-year diplomas or certificates that prepare students for employment, and often include business skills. These credentials may also qualify for university transfer credit.

Career colleges provide training for specific design and applied arts careers based on industry demand. Typically lasting between 12-52 weeks, video game and web design programs are offered by some private computer and technology career colleges, while career colleges devoted to design and other applied arts (such as commercial photography or fashion) are also available.

If you want to combine your artistic talents with a secure future, a design and applied arts program in Canada may be just the program you need!