Culinary, travel and hospitality programs in Canada prepare international students for an exciting career in a creative and dynamic industry. Study in Canada involves a wide range of university, community college and private career college programs in areas like international travel, hotel and food administration/ management, tour operation, flight attendant preparation, culinary management, region-specific cooking/cuisine, adventure tourism, ecotourism and cruise hospitality. In fact, there some very specialized degrees in this area, like the Bachelor of Hotel and Resort Management, Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Tourism Management, Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality and Applied Degree in Culinary Operations.

If you are business-minded, you might consider a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Tourism Management/ Marketing or Hotel & Food Administration or a Bachelor of Applied Business in Hospitality Operations. Shorter diplomas and certificates lasting anywhere between 12 weeks to 3 years are also available. While chef schools are closely related in terms of industry interconnection, they are often separate from hospitality and tourism departments.

There are also many community and career college 1- to 2-year diploma and certificate programs in various culinary, travel and hospitality fields and specializations. You can choose from apprentice, certificate, diploma and post-diploma programs, many of which are transferable to university programs. While there are specialty community and career colleges focusing only on culinary, travel and hospitality programs, many other colleges with multi-discipline offerings also include tourism and hospitality programs.

For a hands-on, practical education that provides the knowledge and skills you need to make a future for yourself anywhere in the world, start with a culinary, travel and hospitality program in Canada!