Computer science programs in Canada allow international students to study one of the most exciting disciplines, which leads to careers making an impact on real world problems and participating in new discoveries. New developments in computer science are constantly needed to fuel advances in most areas of our lives, from biotechnology to business, and from education to entertainment.

There are many possible options for computer science study in Canada. For instance, at the undergraduate university level you can take a Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Science, Bachelor of Software Engineering, Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management or Bachelor of Applied Technology. Specialization areas include computer applications, computer engineering, computer graphics, computer programming, database development, operating systems, software engineering and systems engineering. You can narrow down your field of study still further to one of a variety of sub-fields as diverse as algorithms, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, cryptology, computer game development, information security, robotics, nanotechnology and more. In fact, in 2005, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that they usually hire more students out of Canada's University of Waterloo than any university in the world!

Community colleges often have computer or computing science departments, and Canada also has specialty computer training career colleges. Community colleges generally offer 2-year diploma programs and 1- to 2-year certificates in areas like Web development, software development, programming languages, systems analysis and design, and networks/ network administration. Community and career colleges also often offer co-op/ internship opportunities so graduates are ready for employment.

Whether you're looking for an undergraduate degree or diploma, or a research-intensive graduate degree, there are lots of innovative computer science programs for international students at universities, grad schools, community colleges, career colleges and Christian colleges in Canada.