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Career colleges are privately run institutions offering quality career-oriented training, including trades and apprenticeships and university transfer programs. Also called vocational or technical schools, the over 1,000 career colleges in Canada offer short (3- to 23-month) certificates and diplomas designed give students the knowledge and skills they need to get the jobs they want.

Typical career college programs in Canada include business, health and human services, media arts, information technology, esthetics and beauty services, trades and apprenticeships, and culinary, travel and hospitality. Most programs include an internship or industry practicum, so students get experience and make job connections while studying. Credits may also qualify for transfer towards a university program.

Benefits to international students include self-paced, flexible schedules with full-time, part-time and online programs often available, plus small classes, personalized attention and job placement help. As well, Canada's career colleges have affordable tuition and can be found everywhere from small rural towns to bustling urban centres. About 4,500 international students come to study trades in Canada each year.

The diversity of career college size, history, programs and location is matched by the diversity of students they serve: students with different needs, different career goals and different cultural, educational and economic backgrounds. No matter what programs they offer-from environmental technology to esthetics, coaching to cooking--all career colleges in Canada are government licensed and provide valuable, practical education in a supportive learning environment.

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