Prounounced like the "ay" in "say", and used to mean "isn't that right?" or "don't you agree?" Mostly found in Eastern Canada, particularly in Ontario and the Maritimes. Much less common in Western Canada.

Canadian 1$ and 2$ coins. The loonie is named for the bird on it (the loon), the toonie (really two-nnie, for two dollars) to match the loonie.

General word for carbonated beverage. "Soft drink" is also understood but considered unusually formal. "Soda" in Canada means carbonated water, or an ice-cream soda.

Running shoes, sneakers.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's federal law enforcement agency, which also provides local law enforcement to some communities. They are called "mounties" because when the force was founded the officers were mounted on horseback. You can still see the red-coated Mounties on their horses in communities across Canada.

A bachelor apartment; an apartment all in a single room, with a small bathroom attached, for example you might hear someone say, "They have a bachelor for rent". In Montreal, this is known as a one-and-a-half apartment (one room, and the bathroom counts as the "half"). Some Canadians, especially in Prince Edward Island, call a one-room apartment a loft.

A parking garage, especially in the West.

The toilet, also called restroom.

Sofa or couch. Less common with younger Canadians, but still occasionally used.

Short for hydroelectric, it's a common synonym for electrical service, used primarily in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia. These four Canadian provinces' electric companies incorporate the term "Hydro" in their names (BC Hydro, Hydro Quebec, etc.). You will often hear people say, "I need to pay my hydro bill" or, if renting an apartment, ask, "Is hydro included?"

pronounced too-k, it's a winter hat, usually knitted, occasionally with a pompom on the top.

A cup of coffee with two creams and two sugars, most commonly associated with the Tim Hortons chain of coffee shops. By the same token, triple-triple.

A snack (originally from Quebec) of french fries topped with cheese curds and hot gravy.

A Canadian; often used by Canadians as a self-descriptor. Also the name of Vancouver's professional hockey team.

Canadian bacon
Also called "back bacon," this is what is called peameal bacon in the US. Thick slices (not skinny strips) of salted and smoked meat from the back and sides of a pig.

Sugaring off
A trip to a maple "sugar shack", which is where you can visit a maple forest and see the taps and buckets used to collect the sap from sugar maples in the spring. Also involves a big communal meal, usually of pea soup, Canadian bacon and baked beans--all covered in fresh maple syrup! Most common in Quebec where it is also known as "cabane a sucre."

First Nations
The term First Nations is often used in Canada to refer to the indigenous people of Canada--who are called American Indians or Native Americans in the United States. This term does not include the Métis and Inuit in all regions, however; the term Aboriginal peoples is preferred when all three groups are included.

Give 'er
A slang phrase that means to work hard. If someone is talking about how much work they have to do, you might hear someone else respond, "Just give 'er!"

The name for the subway system in Montreal.