Applying to high schools in Alberta can take two main routes: you can apply privately/ independently, or through Alberta Education's exchange program. Some steps in the application process will differ from school to school, so you should contact the school you are applying to for more specific information. However, there are some general guidelines for applying to high schools in Alberta.

Choose a school
Your first step is to research Alberta secondary schools and choose the school(s) that will give you the education you are looking for. Alberta offers a wide variety of program choices for international students, so you should have no problem finding the school that is right for you.

Apply directly to the school district or as part of the exchange program
This step is the one that varies the most between schools. International students should apply to the appropriate school district in which the school is located.The school district will provide the necessary forms and guide you through their application process. They will require transcripts and other supporting documents from you, which you may need to have translated if they are not issued in English. Required supporting documents may also include a letter of reference from your current principal. Be sure to find out about the specific application deadline, and give yourself plenty of time.

The official exchange program run by Alberta Education coordinates student exchanges with regions in Germany, Mexico, Japan and Spain. In this program, foreign students are partnered with Alberta students to exchange knowledge and build friendship. Students interested in the exchange program should contact Alberta Education.

Pay your application fees and any other fees
Alberta school distric applications will require you to pay an application fee, and may also request all or part of the year's tuition before they will send you a letter of acceptance. As the letter of acceptance is absolutely required to obtain a Canadian student visa, this step is very important. Most institutions will refund your payment if for some reason a student visa cannot be obtained. Check the individual school's policy.

Apply for your study permit
Once you have your letter of acceptance from a high school in Alberta, you can begin applying for your Canadian student visa, also called a study permit. This permit is required for all international students whose studies in Canada will last more than six months. The permit is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The application process for this permit may take some time. Again, it is very important to leave enough time before the beginning of the school year to apply for and receive your study permit.

Once you have your letter of acceptance and your study permit from CIC, you are ready to begin your journey to Alberta for an exciting high school experience.