Agriculture and bio-resources programs deal with the uses we make of land and living things, and include environmental science, animal biology, veterinary technology, crop and soil science, forestry, forest management, food science and technology, biotechnology and genetics, agricultural economics and policy, agricultural engineering, aquaculture and more. Within these fields are more options for specialized research and study in Canada: from the large- to the small-scale, from ecosystems to entomology, undergraduate and graduate agriculture and bio-resources programs cover virtually every aspect of land- and water-based resources.

Everyone is talking about the environment these days, and career opportunities in the agriculture and bio-resources sector are growing faster than in many other employment areas. So if you have a fascination for research and a deep-rooted commitment to sustaining the environment, the world's natural resources and our global food supply, consider studying agriculture and bio-resources: these programs create opportunities for international students to make a real difference anywhere in the world they want to work.

Whether you're looking for an undergraduate or graduate degree--or a shorter associate's degree, diploma or certificate--there are lots of options for international students in agriculture and bio-resources programs at Canada's universities, community colleges, Christian colleges, career colleges and graduate schools.