Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Simon Fraser University - Burnaby, British Columbia

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Student Details:

Name: Misa Noda
Country of Origin: Japan
Field of Study: Molecular biology and biochemistry

 Student Story:

Simon Fraser University, Student Stories What struck me most when I first came to SFU was the friendliness of the people including the students, the professors and the TAs. Despite the competitiveness of the academics, students help one another to do well and will help even if you are a stranger to them. Moreover, the TAs, the graduate students that assist in courses, give us tips to problem solving and answer most of your questions regarding the course material.

   However, what I enjoy most about SFU is the opportunity to explore and learn from outside of your program. I am taking a Bachelor of Science majoring in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBB), yet I am allowed to minor in Anthropology!

   Another great opportunity for exploration is the Co-op program. Co-op is something like a paid internship, where you enroll in a few semesters of work term that counts towards your credit. The program has a database from which you can choose the positions to apply for in all kinds of areas. I worked at a biopharmaceutical company lab for one semester, and this year I am working at a research agency called BC Cancer Research Centre. Even though I am still a student, still learning, I work on my own research projects, attend presentations that discuss other current projects in the field of cancer, and learn about what other people in the lab do. So not only am I gaining skills in the lab, I am also learning a lot about what other people's research and seeing important researchers in person! I know a lot of people who do Co-op to find out what they really want to do after graduation.

   If you are keen on enjoying the studies by learning from different perspectives, SFU would be a great place as a stepping stone to wherever or whatever you want to be in your future.