Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

SAIT Polytechnic - Calgary, Alberta

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SAIT Polytechnic International Centre MA206 Heritage Hall 1301 - 16 Avenue NW Calgary, Alberta T2M 0L4 Canada   Ph:   403-284-8852  Fax:   403-284-7386

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Student Details:

Name: Raman Saini
Country of Origin: India
Field of Study: Business Administration

 Student Story:

SAIT Polytechnic, Student Stories "I came in to Canada as an international student in Aug 2003. I was so happy that I am going abroad for further studies. I had a diploma in Computer Applications from India. I was registered in a networking program but my bad luck started when I first went to my school. It wasn't at SAIT actually. I was registered at another college in Calgary. The location was not bigger than an attached house and nobody teaches you there. Take your books and start your course by reading them and then write an exam once you are finished your book. I was so disappointed because I can do the same from my home in India, there is no need for a college. I watched my whole year and spent more than $12,000 but didn't get a job after that. I was so depressed because in the last few months somebody told me that I could quit my program and I could get some money back from the college but it was too late then. This person also told me that I should go to SAIT. That is how I started my studies at SAIT.

I did a lot of research to make sure that I will get a job after my studies. I was an international student so I couldn't spend money on just any college. There was another student who was doing his studies at SAIT and I asked him for help and he told me SAIT is a good college. Every semester employers come to campus and they hire students. That's all I was looking for. So I decided that I will go to SAIT to further my studies.

At SAIT, they have special facilities for international students. SAIT has an international student center as well, to help students in any matter from student visa, work permits etc. to admissions. All help at one place. So I went there and I talked to the staff and I got enrolled into Business Administration. My previous study was in computers so I thought that the business diploma will help me in the computer industry too.

The first semester I faced some difficulties. Back home in India we have theory exams but here it's all different multiple choice. My first semester I didn't do well because I didn't know how to prepare for multiple choice questions. My GPA was 2.90, I think, which was not good. So I decided to work hard to improve my GPA in the next semester.

My second Semester I worked hard and my GPA improved, average was over 3.00. I learned how to answer multiple choice questions. The teachers were so good and always ready to help all the time.

I think the third semester was the hardest one. As I wrote that the employers come to campus to hire students, I attended a seminar presented by TD Canada Trust. It was very helpful and they provided some good tips on how to apply for jobs with TD. There was one course that required a little extra effort. Again, the teacher was so good and professional that with just extra effort I passed this course. I was so happy because it was a course that was part of the Canadian Securities Course and only 5 students passed it nationally but everyone passed the SAIT one.

In the final semester, I knew what I needed to do. What courses I needed to work on, when I needed to apply for a job and where I needed to apply for jobs. In all, I was prepared for the final step. TD Canada Trust and Scotiabank again came to campus and I was all prepared for them. After their seminar I gave them my resume and started waiting for their reply but TD offered an interview on the same day as the seminar. I had my interview on the Wednesday and on Thursday I was offered a job as a Financial Services Representative with TD Canada Trust.

Now I am working for TD Canada Trust in Castleridge. It has been 8 months now. So that means I got everything that I was looking for from SAIT."