Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Centennial College - Toronto, Ontario

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Centennial College P.O. Box 631, Station A Toronto, Ontario M1K 5E9   Ph:   1-416-289-5000  Fax:   1-416-289-5352

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Student Details:

Name: Camele Kelly
Country of Origin: Jamaica
Field of Study: Computer Programming

 Student Story:

Study in Canada Experience at Centennial College
Q: What made you choose to study in Canada?
A: I have family in Canada that wanted me to travel so my mom and I made the decision to apply here for school.

Q: How does Centennial College compare to universities/colleges from your country?
A: The approach that is taken here is much different in terms of both the calibre of instructors and the teaching methods used. The instructors are much more hands-on here then they are in my country. I have friends in Jamaica who are taking a similar program as I am and when we compare notes it's almost like I'm telling them what they will be doing in their next semester because I'm covering much more material than they are.

Q: How do you rate the program in which you are currently enrolled?
A: Challenging, but in a good way. I have the opportunity not only to challenge myself but also to find out how well I will be able to take on other tasks when I enter the working world. This program has the ability to make or break you. It all depends on your mindset and your work ethic.

Q: Are there any features that make the program distinct or unique?
A: Yes, the final semester. We get the opportunity to showcase our talent and all the skills that we have gained during the program. There is this one class called Project Management that a lot of people shied away from. Contrary to what most people thought, I fell in love with that class, got an A and now I'm pursuing further studies in this field.

Q: How was the adjustment in moving to Canada?
A: The first four months were a little difficult trying to adjust to a new culture and lifestyle. Starting school in the fall and experiencing my first winter in Canada was also an adjustment.

Q: What special services does the school offer for international students
A: A number of different things! They offer pick-up at the airport, various tours of the city, orientations and events for international students and a host of other activities.

Q: What is it like to study in Canada?
A: It has been a fulfilling experience for me and I am considering taking up residency in Canada when I complete my studies.

Q: What will you do once you've completed the program?
A: I am currently working for a wonderful organization that I would like to continue full-time when I graduate.

Q: What advice would you give to other students who are considering studying in Canada?
A: At first it might not seem that you made the right decision to leave home and there going to be times when you just feel like quitting and returning home. My advice to students is to be persistent because it is going to get better. I'm still here and I love it!