Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management - Vancouver, British Columbia

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Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management Suite 200 1338 West Broadway Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1H2 Canada   Ph:   604-730-1628 or 1-866-730-1628 (toll-free)  Fax:   604-730-1633

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Student Details:

Name: Vanessa Sanchez
Country of Origin: Mexico
Field of Study: Hospitality Management

 Student Story:

What made you choose to study in Canada?
To get international education and to learn English.

Why did you select Vancouver Premier College of Hotel Management (VPC)?
Because it had an English program and a hospitality management program and I knew that I was interested in this industry.

How demanding was the hospitality program and how did you find the learning experience?
It wasn't too demanding but it was quite language intensive. There are a lot of courses, field trips, guest speakers and presentations. We did a lot of group work, but it wasn't too demanding because everyone learns together. The learning experience was great, especially meeting other people from around the world.

How was the adjustment in moving to Canada?
The adjustment was hard, mainly because of the language and not having any family over here. But it got better and better through the time.

What are some of the important differences for you, between Canada and Mexico?
Important differences are the culture, people, weather, and language. But, as I said before, it's just difficult at the beginning and people at the school are friendly, so it became easier to relax and enjoy the courses, homestay and everything!

Because English is not your first language, what was it like for you to study in English?
It was a little bit hard, but it was really rewarding.

What services did VPC supply for you, as an International student?
ESL classes, homestay arrangement, and lots of basic information (such as setting up a bank account, knowing the neighbourhood, school activities, etc.)

What have you done since you completed the program?
I have done a lot! I have worked in Mexico City at the Presidente Intercontinental and at the Four Seasons. I moved to Canada, and I'm currently working at the Sheraton Wall Centre.

What advice would you give to other students coming from Mexico to study in Canada?
Don't be afraid of coming to Canada and don't worry about the weather! It's a great experience for yourself. You will find out things that you probably won't see living at home. You will meet great people from other cultures and it will be a personal satisfaction.