Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Vancouver Island University - Nanaimo, British Columbia

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900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 5S5 Canada   Ph:   1-250-740-6316  Fax:   1-250-740-6471

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Student Details:

Name: Colin Creado
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
Field of Study: Psychology and Business Management

 Student Story:

Vancouver Island University, Student Stories "Being at Vancouver Island University (VIU) has been the experience of a lifetime for me. From the moment I arrived at the university I received incredible support from the International Education department as well as my instructors. I found myself loving university life. I met so many people from Canada as well as from around the world.

   At the university I was able to use several services to my advantage for finding jobs on campus, working out at the gym, going kayaking, even help with problems at the math and writing centres.

   In the community in Nanaimo, I was able to balance my studies with having fun, I could go dancing on the weekend, go on hikes with friends, swim at the lakes and even occasionally volunteer out in the community. The International Education department also offered me the chance to be paired up with a Canadian family to live with. It helped me settle down in this Island much more easily. It was like having 2 families, one far away in my home country and one to take and watch out for me in Nanaimo.

   My choice of study was psychology and business. I also decided to learn a new language, French. I found my subject area easy to cope with the many resources available on campus. I was content with VIU offering small classroom sizes, which meant that I could have closer relations and one-on-one office time with my instructors unlike other universities. It made learning much more fun and high grades at my grasp. I even got a scholarship for my high grades and my volunteer activities.

   In my 3rd year, I decided I wanted to be an integral part of VIU; I wanted to run for elections to be on the 'Education Council'. In doing so I would need tremendous support in order to win this student elected position. But at VIU, anything is possible if you set your heart to it. I got my position, I even went on to be on the 'Curriculum Committee' at VIU and help making influential changes that help shape student education.

   When I graduate, I will be coming out with much more than my majors in psychology and business and a new language. I will be coming out with work experience, contacts, life long friends and confidence to face the world. I truly believe I've made the right choice."