Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Concordia University - Montreal, Quebec

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Concordia University 1455 boulevard De Maisonneuve West Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1M8   Ph:   1-514-848-2424 ext 2672  Fax:   1-514-848-2837

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Student Details:

Name: Jessica Schwarz
Country of Origin: Peru/Bolivia
Field of Study: Major - Finance; Minor - International Business

 Student Story:

Concordia University, Student Stories Throughout my life I have traveled greatly and have had the opportunity to live in different countries. One of the trips that I enjoyed the most was my trip to Montreal in the summer when I was young. The impression that I had from this vibrant city was definitely positive, given that the first country that I thought about when I had to choose a university was Canada. Although I had visited Montreal in the summer, many people told me it was not the same in the winter and that I would not be able to manage the cold. However, I've learned that the city has so much to offer in the summer and the winter that it makes the experience worthwhile, even if it means living in freezing temperatures. I found a new passion for skiing and enjoy the many activities available during the winter.

   The teaching standards at Concordia have really lived up to my expectations. The classes are demanding and require a lot of dedication; hence, you are left with a great understanding of the subjects and even acquire experience while working on many projects and case studies. Moreover, Concordia has two campuses, each with its unique characteristics and charm. The downtown campus gives you a real world experience because you live in the center of an exciting city. Two new buildings (Engineering/Fine Arts and Business) have been constructed with modern architecture and technology to fully enhance the level of education. If you aren't a city person, then the other campus is located just 15 minutes away from downtown in a residential area.

   These past few years at Concordia University have helped enrich me as a person both in the classes and out. I have come to love the University and the opportunity I have been given to be here. The John Molson School of Business at Concordia has been growing steadily and the reputation and excellence of the school has been growing as well. The Business school offers a variety of courses that enhance students' knowledge and problem solving abilities. I have taken many courses at Concordia and feel that I have learned a great deal and feel confident that it will be of great use in my future career in business. I was able to apply the concepts learned in class into the real world while doing an internship in my home country. I was given responsibilities that I thought were at a professional level and was able to solve the problems using the cases portrayed in class. I believe the solid background I have been taught at Concordia helped me succeed in this job.

Moreover, the multicultural community at Concordia University is truly an asset and makes the learning experience more complete. Being an International Student, I believe this unique feature has enriched my formation as a student and as a person. I have met people from all over the world and have learned much about their cultures and countries, which varies greatly from what you learn in text books. Class discussions are encouraged to help you learn about the way business is conducted in many of these countries. You become a well-rounded individual with global knowledge. To add to this, the French aspect of the city is an asset given that you acquire a new language and practice it during your daily routines in and outside of class.

   Concordia University has a very dynamic student life. Taking part in the many associations truly complements your university life. I have been lucky to participate in many associations and Honor societies and I can say that I have truly learned a lot on how to deal with other individuals and present myself to other people. For example, I was VP Marketing of a fundraising association dedicated to helping poor kids in the Dominican Republic; VP Finance for the Golden Key International Honor Society, and VP Promotions for the Decision Science and MIS Student's Association. Moreover, I was part of 12 students chosen to represent Concordia at important events with the President of the University and had the opportunity of meeting important personalities from North America (Garnet Key Honour Society.) I believe that having the opportunity of take part in so many associations is an added value to the degree a student receives.

   To complement the university experience, students have the option of studying abroad for a semester. In fall 2007, I participated in the International Student Exchange Program and spent the semester in London UK. I was able to learn business from another perspective, European rather than North American. You pay the same amount for tuition as you do at Concordia and attend a university anywhere in the world! But the best part of it all is the friendships you make that will stay with you throughout your life.

   Coming as an International Student to a new country was a little overwhelming; I have to admit I was scared at the beginning. But the environment at Concordia and Montreal helped me adjust quickly. There are many people who are in the same situation as you, making it easy to make friends right away. The International Student's office also has many events that are intended to help students adapt to the new country and I can assure you that you will have no problem! I truly recommend taking advantage of all the events and services available at the University because this will make your experience unforgettable.