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Student Success Stories

College of the North Atlantic - Newfoundland & Labrador

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College of the North Atlantic Box 5400, 432 Massachusetts Drive Stephenville, Newfoundland A2N 2Z6 Canada   Ph:   1-888-982-2268 or 709-758-7290 (int'l)  Fax:   709-758-7304

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Student Details:

Name: Sukhjit Mangat
Country of Origin: India
Field of Study: Journalism

 Student Story:

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Q: What is your name, where are you from?
A: My name is Sukhjit Mangat and I am from India.

Q: Why did you decide to come to Canada?
A: I belong to a very small village in Punjab; I heard a lot about Canada and I wanted international exposure… to know about different cultures and people. My relatives who are in Canada told me that there are so many opportunities for me in Canada. I came here for a better future.

Q: How long did you plan to study here and what did you choose to study?
A: I did one year post graduate diploma in Journalism from the College of the North Atlantic (CNA).

Q: What did you do after graduation? What are you doing now?
A: After my graduation I got a job at a radio station in Surrey, BC. At present I am working at Radio India.

Q: Is CNA comparable to colleges/universities in India? What about the facilities and instructors? Were your expectations met in Canada?
A: In India our instructors are very strict and if we don't follow the instructions given by them they give us punishments. But here instructors are very friendly. In India we just memorize our notes and have exams, but at College of the North Atlantic everyone has a chance to do practice as well… to apply your skills, whatever you learn. My expectations were very well met at CNA.

Q: How do you rate the Journalism program at CNA? How did you find the entire learning experience?
A: My entire learning experience was very good at CNA. In fact, I learned the real lesson of my life there. The Journalism program at CNA is the best! Instructors are very nice and there are all kind of facilities. If I get a chance to study again, then I'm going to do so at CNA!

Q: How would you best describe the Journalism program? Are there any features that make the program distinct, interesting and stimulating? A: The Journalism program is interesting. Through this program I become more confident. Through this program I got a chance to meet different people.

Q: What makes the Journalism program unique in your opinion from other journalism programs offered somewhere else?
A: My experience at CNA is the best! I would say if someone wanted to do this program then join CNA because nothing is impossible at this college!

Q: India is quite different from Canada ; what was your experience with the small town of Stephenville? Did you have a difficult time adjusting to this new environment?
A: My experience in Stephenville was very good. I'll never forget this place in my life. India is entirely different from Canada. Before coming to Canada I was very excited to see the new world. When I reached Stephenville I was a little scared, but I received so much love and affection from the people there. I would say Stephenville is heaven on earth and people of Stephenville are angels. It's hard to adjust in a different place but I didn't face any difficulties because of the nice people. I miss Stephenville like my own home town.

Q: How did you feel being surrounded by mountains and the ocean? How did you adjust to cold weather and snow?
A: The weather is very cold here. I experienced snow for the first time in Stephenville. When I came to Stephenville I heard lot about snow and I was excited to see the snow falling. It really looks good when it falls but when it melts it's worse.

Q: What is your current environment (both culture and weather)? Was there another adjustment for you in these regards? A: I am in BC right now. It's much more warmer than Stephenville. Many Indian people live here so I don't have any other adjustments here. Because people speak my own mother tongue, Punjabi. And here people celebrate all my traditional festivals and functions.

Q: Are you using the knowledge you gained in the Journalism program in your every day work?
A: Yes, I'm able to work at the radio station because of my study. The techniques I learn in broadcasting from my instructor Don Murphy really help me.

Q: What would you like to tell others from India who consider studying in Canada?
A: I would say it is a best place for study but be prepared because of official formalities.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: I want to continue my study in broadcasting and want to do a good job.

One more thing: I would like to thank Journalism instructors Frank Carroll, Don Murphy and Stephen Lee... I did well in my study due to these people. I lived well in Stephenville with Frank and his wife Taraneh. I would like to also thank Tanya Alexander for her moral support.