Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

North Island College - Courtenay, British Columbia

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International Education 2300 Ryan Road Courtenay, British Columbia V9N 8N6 Canada   Ph:   250-334-5021  Fax:   250-334-5018

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Student Details:

Name: Tadamasa Saito
Country of Origin: Japan
Field of Study: Business Administration

 Student Story:

North Island College, Student Stories I've been studying at North Island College for two years and am close to half way in my Bachelor degree in Business Administration. I find I have to work hard to be successful, studying about 2 hours for every hour I am in class. What is really nice about being here is that we have small classes so I can get all the help I want. I also find the instructors treat all students with respect, regardless of weather they are Canadians or come from another country. It makes me feel like I am one of the crowd and I really appreciate that.

   When I arrived in Canada I found that I had trouble understanding what was being said and saying what I wanted to say. It took about six months before I felt confident with listening skills and another six months to feel good about my speaking skills. I find I still use my translator every once in a while; mostly with technical words that even the Canadian students are having a hard time understanding.

   I am from a small town in Japan and it's nice to live in a small town where people are friendly. I am enjoying living in the Comox Valley. I like to golf when I have some time away from studying and there are great golf courses close by. There are some Japanese restaurants in town but I do miss the variety there is at home. I really appreciate there is lots of nature close by and the weather is great. It's also nice that if I want to go to Vancouver or Victoria it easy to get there.

   North Island College is very good. The program I am taking is like a Bachelor degree offered at a bigger school, except here I benefit from less expensive tuition, smaller class sizes and still get an excellent program and great instruction. I really enjoyed the Strategic Management course I took where I was on a team with three other students. We played an on-line business simulation game where we worked for a shoe company, each of us had a position in the company and we had to make all the decisions; like where to have our manufacturing plant and how to price the shoes.

   In the third and fourth year of Bachelor program I will work for an accounting company as part of my course load. I'll get paid while I am learning. I also have my Off Campus Work Permit and work part time for a car dealership. I am allowed to work up to 20 hours while I am at school and full time during holidays.

   If I had to give someone from Japan advise about coming to Canada to study I would say - be prepared to study hard. You have to take your courses seriously and do homework after the very first class. No coasting if you want to be successful.