Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Capilano College - North Vancouver, British Columbia

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Capilano College 2055 Purcell Way North Vancouver, British Columbia V7J 3H5 Canada   Ph:   1-604-983-7544 (Int'l) / 1-604-986-1911 (Canada)  Fax:   1-604-983-7576 (Int'l)

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Student Details:

Name: Mr. Govind Singh
Country of Origin: India
Field of Study: Graduate Bachelor's of Tourism Management

 Student Story:

An interview with Mr. Govind Singh of India.

What made you choose to study in Canada?
Canada was my first choice destination for education because it was something unique to me. As an Indian student planning to go abroad and going to US was something everyone does but coming to Canada had its own vibe. I always wanted to do things which were different from the crowd. Canada being a young country in my analysis was the right decision. Indian culture is ancient thus choosing Canadian Education was also a decision to experience a new age culture. A fusion culture had its own 'cool' aspect to itself which I wanted to be a part of my educational experiences.

Why did you select Capilano College?
In India a large proportions of students opt Engineering, IT and Hotel Management as their academic career choice. Thus in search for something new and exciting I decided to pursue Tourism Management. During my research I discovered not many institute world-wide are training people in the field of Tourism Management. However, there is a huge skill shortage of learned tourism professionals in organizations globally. In narrowing my research I discovered Capilano College is one of the premier institutes teaching Tourism Management. On my initial contact with Capilano College I received an excellent "customer service" adding value to my decision. Capilano College provided my timely information about their programs and facilities. Admission process was simple with strong support form the International Student Department. Immigration process was easier as Capilano College offers Diploma Programs laddering to Degree in Tourism Management. The complete process was financially feasible. It was a win-win situation for me as I got into my choice of country and education.

How does Capilano College compare to universities/colleges from your country? What about the facilities and instructors?
Capilano College as I mentioned is unique learning experience. In Indian education system there is a strong emphasis on academic learning through text. However, Capilano College has strong academic component but also an applied learning factor for a complete educational experience. We were taught theory to lay foundation which then accelerated into case study method of education and finally hands on cooperative work experience in live companies.

My instructors were incredibly helpful and very understanding. They stuck to their classroom instruction, but they also had a completely open door policy. They made it their personal duty that their students were successful. All the instructors were very honest and knowledgeable. Especially two instructors which I would like to name Dr. Chris Bottrill and Rorri Mcblane. Chris showed me how to think "out of the box". He is very visionary. Rorri broadened my perspective on global understanding. That knowledge of cultural differences and his real-life experience really made me think deeply.

Capilano College has good facilities. It has a beautiful campus located in the midst of fully developed North Vancouver. Easy access by bus and personal vehicle with ample of parking facilities are available. A great institute overall!

How do you rate the program in which you are currently enrolled? How demanding is it and how do you find the entire learning experience? How do you think it compares to similar programs that you could have taken at home?
My rating of Tourism Management Degree at Capilano College is high. I am very impressed by the educational experience. Capilano built my body of knowledge which will pay me all my life. It might be difficult to compare Tourism Management with education available at home. In my understand, India still does mot have many institutes training in specialized field of Business and Management in Tourism. Although, an education earned in Tourism from Capilano could be highly beneficial back in India with the current focus on Diversification of Economy through Tourism Dollars.

Tourism Management Degree at Capilano College is an intense program which challenges you every day. It not only focuses on the Business of Tourism which covers a large area from recreation to hospitality but also has strong focus on leadership aptitude development. Capilano produces Leaders and Entrepreneurial minds of tomorrow!

How would you best describe the program you are in? Are there any features that make the program distinct or unique?
I graduated from Bachelors Degree in Tourism Management. I describe the program as Business Program in the Management of Tourism. I mean by saying that it is a program which teaches the Business Management with Global Leadership aspect to itself. Tourism Management Degree is a unique education. In today's World when nations are struggling for foreign investment, tourism is the only business direction which can diversify a country's economy by bringing in foreign currency.

How was the adjustment in moving to Canada? What are the differences between Canada and your country?
Not very difficult as Canada is a welcoming nation with great multiculturalism. Definitely there is less traffic and less pollution. Diverse groups of people. Canada is a very clean country with superb human rights!

What special services does the school offer for International Students?
Capilano College has fully equipped International Student Centre with knowledgeable staff. It has a great orientation program for International Students and established peer support.

What is it like to study in Canada? What impressions will you retain from Canada once you've left?
Studying in Canada is a rewarding experience. I have learnt a lot from Canada and its friendly people. I am myself now a proud Canadian Citizen.

What will you do once you've completed the program?
I have held various positions in different Multinational companies. Currently I am a Divisional Sales Manager for Staples Business Depot one of the Multinational Retailers of North American origin. Starting in 2009 I am pursuing Masters of Business Administration in International Executive Management from Purdue University in US.

What advice would you give to other students coming from your country to study in Canada?
Be prepared for a great educational experience. Be ready to work hard and prove yourself as there are lot of opportunities in Canada. It is a rewarding education which is an intellectual Capital you can take across the Globe. And don't forget your umbrella and coat as it rains and snows in Canada!