Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

College of the Rockies - Cranbrook, British Columbia

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Name: Fernando Arteaga
Country of Origin: Ecuador
Field of Study: Criminology

 Student Story:

College of the Rockies, Student Stories "Fernando Arteaga - Rising to the Challenge"
At the College of the Rockies, students are not numbers; they are treated as people. The College goes beyond the student-college relationship to establish a friendly community in which the student's needs are supplied.

   Take my case: I wanted to try something exciting during the last summer, so I talked to the International department staff of COTR. They told me it would be a good idea for me if I applied for a working permit. They said that by getting a job, I will be able to improve my English, meet more people and make some money. Once I got my working permit, the College of the Rockies also helped me to make my resume and cover letter. They gave me strategies for being successfully interviewed. The advice was so good that I got a job the same week.

   When I got my job at the Cranbrook Heritage Inn, I knew the time to prove my English that I learned in the ELT program had come. My interpersonal communications skills, my willingness to learn new things and my ability to resolve any problem would be measured. Actually, it was time to prove myself. I improved my English by talking to people. Canadians are likely to start conversations with international students at any time. They want to know more about international students' cultures and backgrounds. As a result of that, I'm more confident now, to start a conversation with a stranger.

   I learned that Canadian people enjoy their lives. They love huge parties in which the main course is the most important aspect. They also love drinking coffee, so every occasion is good for having a good one. However, the most important thing I learned from my job is how to make better friendly relationships with Canadian people.

   During the summer, I received many e-mails from COTR, and every time I came to the College of the Rockies, at least one person who worked in this institution asked me whether or not everything was okay at my work and what I was feeling. What was I feeling? Well, I was so excited learning more about Canada and its people. In fact, I had the experience I was looking for because I met many people, I made many friends and I made some money. It was hard to say goodbye to my workmates. I know because of them my summer will be unforgettable.

   Although I am miles away from Ecuador, many times I feel the College of the Rockies is my college; Cranbrook, is my home; the people who live here are my people, my friends.

   Honestly, any international student can rely on the College of the Rockies, its staff and its students.

An International Student from Ecuador, Fernando Arteaga is also a faculty member (he teaches Spanish), President of the Students' Association for 2007/08 and a member of the college's Board of Governors.