Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Grant MacEwan University - Edmonton, Alberta

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Grant MacEwan College Box 1796 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2P2 Canada   Ph:   708-633-3947  Fax:   708-497-4508

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Student Details:

Name: Dennis Rosillo
Country of Origin: Ecuador
Field of Study: BSc in Engineering (Transfer)

 Student Story:

Grant MacEwan University, Student Stories When considering my educational and career goals I had two priorities, improving my English skills and attending a reputable institution that would provide a quality education. Grant MacEwan College provided the opportunity to achieve both of these. Because I had relatives in Edmonton, I was aware of MacEwan as an excellent option to begin my engineering degree. The Bachelor of Science in Engineering transfer program at MacEwan is partnered with the University of Alberta in a unique collaborative initiative in which the first year is undertaken at MacEwan and the final three years of the degree are completed at the University of Alberta. The smaller class sizes at MacEwan afforded me a better opportunity to interact with my instructors and obtain a solid grounding in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, which are critical components of the engineering program. The University of Alberta is a world class institution with a renowned engineering faculty. Thus, in obtaining my degree I will ultimately experience "the best of both worlds" by getting a solid start at MacEwan and my degree from a well known Canadian university.

Grant MacEwan is the largest college in western Canada with more than 12 thousand full-time students. Despite this, my first year classes had only 40 to 60 students in them. Classes were taught by top-notch faculty who were respectful of students and encouraged me to seek extra help when it was needed. And because the emphasis at MacEwan is on teaching rather than research, the faculty are able to dedicate ample time to teaching. It also impressed me that the Chair of the engineering program got to know me and the other students personally. The fact that the faculty at MacEwan come from a variety of countries and cultures, also helped ease my transition into a university program.

Grant MacEwan College has four campuses in the city of Edmonton, with the modern downtown campus being the largest. Home to the college's university programs this campus has open hallways, and an abundance of windows and natural lighting. Combined with the well designed classrooms this gave me a sense of being in a comfortable, friendly, academic environment. With a swimming pool, gymnasium, and large fitness center on campus, students are able to work on their physical conditioning, which of course is important for keeping mentally sharp for classes.

I knew that getting an international education would be expensive. Canadian universities and colleges generally do not cost as much as similar ones in Britain or the United States. Since MacEwan has some of the lowest tuition fees in Canada I knew that I would be getting both a quality and an affordable education.

Edmonton, is a vibrant, safe, multicultural city located in the province of Alberta. Due to its reserves of oil and natural gas, Alberta is home to a booming economy. Engineers, as well as other professionals, are in high demand and I will have a good opportunity to stay and work in Canada if I choose to do so after I complete my degree. Although the winters can be cold, it is usually sunny and I was able to adjust relatively easily. Summer in Edmonton is mostly hot and dry, and with the city being known as Canada's Festival City there is no shortage of entertainment. Edmonton has become my second home.

My first year of engineering at MacEwan proved to be a tremendous success. I had one of the best grade point averages in my class, and I have now moved on to my second year of the degree at the University of Alberta. Although engineering is well known as one of the most demanding university programs, I have been able to excel in my courses and much of that I attribute to the education and support I received at MacEwan.