Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

St. John's-Ravenscourt School - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Admissions Office 400 South Drive Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T 3K5   Ph:   1-204-477-2400  Fax:   1-204-477-2429

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Student Details:

Name: Lennart
Country of Origin: Germany
Program: High School

 Student Story:

Q: Why did you choose to study in Canada?
A: Some of my friends went to the US, but I wanted to do something different. Canada has a great reputation in Germany, especially for the beautiful scenery. My brother also studied in Canada and loved it!

Q: What made you choose St. John's-Ravenscourt (SJR)?
A: The school was recommended to me, so I met with an SJR representative in Germany; I saw pictures of the campus and was impressed by SJR.

Q: What special services helped you as an international student?
A: The student leaders within the boarding program were especially helpful. They made me feel welcome.

Q: What is your favourite class?
A: I really love PE because I love sports. As for academic subjects, I have been enjoying Math.

Q: What special activities or programs are you participating in?
A: I am really excited to be participating in SJR's annual rock show. I play the drums and am going to be performing in 6 songs. I am also on the soccer team and have joined the Boarder's debating team so I am very busy!

Q: What new things did you get to try?
A: I was so excited to try different sports that are not as common in Germany like ice hockey and rugby.

Q: What special memory will you take back with you to Germany?
A: I have had a very good impression of Canadian people - they are very welcoming, polite and kind. That I will not forget.

Q: What new skills did you develop that will help you in the future?
A: I think that living with different cultures in the dormitory has opened my mind and has taught me respect for people's differences. This will help me in the future.

Q: What was the best part about living in residence and in the city of Winnipeg?
A: It is so nice to be living right on Campus; I can sleep in a bit and still make it to class on time. As for the city of Winnipeg, I like the way there is so much space for a fairly large city. I also like to go to the malls!

What makes SJR a special school?
A: The atmosphere is wonderful. There is a lot of school spirit. The students all seem to get along with each other. Also, if you have a problem, the teachers are really helpful.

Q: Who will you keep in touch with when you return to Germany?
A: I will definitely stay in touch with all the friends I have made!

Q: What would you tell other international students about SJR?
A: I have really enjoyed my time at SJR and would recommend it highly!