Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

University of Ottawa - Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI)

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Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) 600 King Edward Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5 Canada   Ph:   1-613-562-5980  Fax:   1-613-562-5126

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Student Details:

Name: Rana
Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia
Field of Study: Computer Science

 Student Story:

University of Ottawa, Student Stories Originally from Saudi Arabia, Rana has come to Canada to complete her Masters in Computer Science at the University of Ottawa. She chose this particular University because of its great reputation, and because she was offered a scholarship. Rana was greatly impressed by the amount of program choices offered at the University of Ottawa, and this strongly influenced her decision. She is proud to say that she has made a significant improvement in her English speaking skills and widely enhanced her overall vocabulary. With a proud smile and sense of accomplishment, she exclaims: "I can read the newspaper now!"

Rana's experience in the ESL program went beyond simply mastering a second language. She very much enjoyed visiting museums and discovering the abundance of history and culture present in Canada's capital region. Listening to guest speakers helped her to build her vocabulary as well as develop crucial listening skills for her future studies at the University of Ottawa.

During her free time, Rana enjoys practicing her English by going to the shopping mall and asking simple questions to store clerks, listening carefully to their answers. She also practices her English when speaking to her two young daughters, encouraging them to learn more than one language while they grow up.

When asked what she enjoyed best about the ESL program, Rana was quick to point out the style of teaching offered by her experienced second language teachers. "The teachers encourage us to trust ourselves," Rana says, "…they teach us the basics and correct our errors, and then they give us the confidence to advance on our own."