Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

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Student Details:

Name: Chang Hwan
Country of Origin: Korea
Field of Study: Business Diploma Program

 Student Story:

Immigrant Services Society, Student Stories After completing the Immigrant Services Society's Business Diploma Program, Chang Hwan was able to apply his knowledge and skills in the Canadian workplace. He received excellent reviews as well as invaluable Canadian experience. Here he tells his story...

Q: Can you tell me about yourself?
A: My name is Chang Hwan, and I'm from Gyeongju in Korea. Since high school, I have wanted to become a scientist.

Q: Why did you decide to study in Canada?
A: Before I came here, I thought I should go to an English-speaking country to study my major, which is Computer Science and Biology. I thought I would be able to become a professor more easily, and also everything is global now and English is important. Right now, there is an "English War" in Korea -- the government wants all subjects to be taught in English. My friend in Toronto said that studying English in Canada was better because the language is similar to US English but also contains British English; also, Canada is safe.

Q: What made you want to study at ISS?
A: ISS offered a wide variety of courses at flexible times. I was particularly interested in the Business Diploma Program because it is articulated with the BCIT Business Management Studies program, thus preparing me to continue studies at a higher level there.

Q: What did you study at ISS?
A: I needed to improve my English first if I wanted to do graduate work in an English-speaking country. I took the Business Diploma course, and completed a practicum with a Canadian company, doing computer work.

Q: What did you most like about the program?
A: I improved my English skills and gained business knowledge and vocabulary. I especially enjoyed developing a presentation about marketing my own, original business idea for Vancouver. The presentations, leadership and attention of the instructor were very professional and helpful.

Q: Why did you want to do a workplace practicum?
A: I wanted to understand the Canadian work environment and gain general office experience in English.

Q: What were the highlights of your practicum experience?
A: We had regular meetings with the staff to discuss things that happened during the week. I was able to share my ideas. It was good practice for my listening and speaking, so I usually tried to express my opinions. They recognized my viewpoints and allowed me to implement some changes.
   After work I went out for dinner or drinks with a co-worker from France. I really enjoyed that and he has become a friend.

Q: What were the challenges of your practicum experience?
A: I was really afraid to meet with customers at first because I worried that I would not understand everything. After the first time, I realized that it would be okay.
   Likewise, I found calling customers on the telephone really challenging. I spoke with one Canadian who spoke too fast, like on TV. I asked him to speak slowly and then I was able to understand. After that I tried to introduce myself on the telephone very slowly and clearly. I found that customers answered me in the same way. Eventually I was able to understand even the customers who spoke fast!

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Now, I need to earn some money before applying to graduate programs. I am applying to labs in Korea, and the company where I did my practicum might sponsor me in Canada. That would be a good opportunity. After I have worked for a while, I will apply for graduate school in Immunology in Canada.

Q: What advice would you give other students?
A: The same advice that my friend gave me, and I would also point out that Canada is friendly, you can learn about other countries' cultures here, and then you can find your own world. Additionally, I recommend that you come to ISS Language College. They have good quality programs at reasonable prices. The instructors and staff are very helpful and friendly.