Mission Statement:

Saint Paul University is a small, bilingual Catholic university in downtown Ottawa. It is federated with the University of Ottawa and programs are offered in the human sciences, philosophy, theology and canon law. Campus facilities at Saint Paul include a student lounge, chapel, library, amphitheater, a café and a newly-constructed residence.

Programs Offered Include:

Ethics (Theology)

Anglican Studies
Certificate in Anglican Studies , Honours Baccalaureate in Theology - Civil - Anglican Studies Profiles

Canon Law
Baccalaureate in Canon Law , Licentiate in Canon Law

Conflict Studies
Honours Bachelor's in Conflict Studies

Eastern Christian Studies
Certificate in Eastern Christian Studies , Hon Baccalaureate in Theology-Ecclesiastical-Eastern Christian Studies Profile , Honours Baccalaureate in Theology - Civil - Eastern Christian Studies Profile

Ethics (Philosophy)
Bachelor in Ethics (with Co-op option) , Certificate in Ethics

First Nations Leadership
First Nations Leadership Certificate

Mission Studies and Interreligious Dialogue
Baccalaureate of Arts w/ Honours in Mission Studies and Interreligious Dialogue , Certificate in Interreligious Dialogue , Certificate in Mission Studies

Pastoral Studies
BA w/Major in Human Relations & Spirituality/Pastoral Studies

Certificate in Philosophy , Ecclesiastical Bachelor in Philosophy

Religious Education/Liturgy
Summer Institute in Pastoral Liturgy , Summer Institute in Religious Education

Certificate in Theology , Honours Baccalaureate in Theology - civil - B.Th. , Honours Baccalaureate in Theology - ecclesiastical - B.Th. , Joint Honours in Philosophy and Theology , Major in Theology

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