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Fulford Academy, Brockville, Ontario

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About the School

Fulford Academy (Fulford) is a unique small boarding school offering Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum from an English Second Language perspective in a safe and structured environment. Fulford prepares international students to be linguistically, academically and culturally successful in the North American educational system. Programs offered: ESL Foundation Year, Academic Program (grades 7-10), and Summer School.

About the International Program

Fulford provides an intensive English immersion experience that helps international students transition smoothly into rigorous, demanding traditional boarding school programs. While addressing individual needs, Fulford focuses on intensive ESL support allowing students to gain the confidence to be linguistically and academically successful in an English language environment.


  • Fulford's immersive transitional period helps students to become familiar with boarding school expectations: both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Fulford students learn how to balance the demands of academics, extracurricular activities and the social side of boarding school life
  • Fulford students increase their language skills (reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking) through the core courses of the Ontario curriculum
  • Fulford Academy has a proven record in increasing students' linguistic, academic, and cultural preparation
  • Fulford's safe, supportive, family-like environment makes it an ideal first step into education in North America

Program Options

  • English Language Courses
  • Short Term High School Experience (Semester)
  • Student Residences & Dormitories
  • Summer English Language (ESL) Programs
  • Weekend/Break Activity Programs

School Support for International Students

International Student Programs

Activities, Events, and Field Trips
Orientation Programs

Accommodation for International Students

Onsite Residences and Dormitories

Language Support for International Students

Language Classes During Study Programs
Language Testing and Placement
Language Tutoring



Residence/Dormitory Registration Fee (C$):  n/a
Residence/Dormitory Monthly Fees (C$): Included in Tuition
Residence/Dormitory Fee for Early Arrivals (C$): 90/Day(s)


Homestay Registration Fee (C$):  n/a
Homestay Monthly Fees (C$):  n/a
Homestay Fee for Early Arrivals (per day) (C$):  n/a
Homestay Emergency Deposit Fee (C$):  n/a


Accommodation Application Deadline: Continuous
Accommodation Notification of Acceptance: Varies

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