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There’s a lot more to Canada than snow, polar bears and maple trees! Do you know who Neil Young is? Have you ever heard of the CanadArm? Take our quiz and see how much you know about Canada’s history, sports, pasttimes and unique snacks. Test your international knowledge with the Canada Quiz!

1. What is Canada’s national dish or cuisine?
    There is no national dish
    Beaver Tails

2. Other than Quebec City, what other city in Canada is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
    Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Red Deer, Alberta
    Victoria, British Columbia

3. What purpose does the Rideau Canal serve during the winter?
    An emergency vehicles route
    A source of ice for local restaurants
    The site of Winterlude
    It’s the world’s longest skating rink

4. How many oceans touch Canada?

5. What is the Canadian dollar coin called?
    The Beaver
    The Loonie
    The Moose
    The Caribou

6. Who were the first people to live in Canada?

7. What is the prize for the National Hockey League championship?
    The Stanley Cup
    The Grey Cup
    The Brier Cup
    The Mann Cup

8. What leaf is on the Canadian flag?
    Oak Leaf
    Maple Leaf
    Elm Leaf
    Cottonwood Leaf

9. What is Canada’s national sport?
    Lacrosse and Hockey

10. If someone offers you an Aero what are they offering you?
    A chocolate bar
    A Double Latte
    Tim Horton’s Doughnut
    A ride on the Toronto subway

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