Religious and theological studies programs in Canada encompass two main branches. Religious studies looks at religious behaviour and belief from outside any particular religious viewpoint, while theology attempts to understand religion from within a particular religious tradition.

Religious studies degrees are usually 3- to 4-year Bachelor of Arts degrees which draw upon multiple disciplines and methodologies including anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and history. There are two main options for taking a religious studies degree: you can attend a "regular" university, or a specifically faith-based school (Christian or Catholic colleges). Both types offer 3- and 4-year degrees with specializations in comparative religion, Biblical studies, Christian studies and more.

Christian and Catholic institutions usually also offer specialty degrees like the Bachelor of Ministry (BMin), Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE), Bachelor of Religious Studies (BRS), Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS) and Bachelor of Church Ministry (BChMin). A Bachelor of Music or Music Therapy (BMus) may also be available. These programs offer options in youth ministry, urban ministry, global missions, church music and worship arts, pastoral studies, chaplancy studies, development studies, counselling studies, education, social work and more.

Many Christian community colleges focus on 2-year Associate of Theology (ThA) and Associate of Arts (AA) degrees, and 1- or 2-year diploma and certificate programs are often available, including unique 1-year certificates providing non-traditional learning experiences that combine academics and spiritual enrichment, and often involve outdoor training and travel. Many of these shorter programs qualify for university transfer.

Specialty theological schools (often called seminaries) are designed for students pursuing ordination and ministry in a Christian denomination, although some students study theology for its own sake. Usually, though, undergraduate theology programs lead into graduate studies, such as the Master of Divinity degree. Theology majors may include Biblical studies, spiritual theology and systematic theology.

For a unique and highly-desirable combination of skills, including critical thinking, reasoning and analysis, communication and cross-cultural understanding, consider religious and theological study in Canada.