Public administration and policy programs in Canada prepare international students for many different career options in a global culture. Topics covered by university and grad school public administration and policy programs in Canada include general public administration, public policy, law, political science and public affairs, while specialization areas include agricultural and land management, public administration and decision-making, public administration and non-profit management, public service, social and health administration and other special sector administration.

The main degree option in this field is a competitive 3- or 4-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. There may not be as many degree options as in some other fields, but since public administration and policy affects almost every other area of study, there is still a lot of flexibility in this field. Public administration and policy programs are interdisciplinary and often allow you to combine your studies with other disciplines by taking a minor in a wide choice of other fields. The choice of majors encompasses specialized study like justice studies and regional or culturally-specific programs like Indigenous public service and administration. Universities may also offer public administration as a minor or have specialized certificates in public administration designed for students studying in other disciplines. 1- to 2-year diplomas and certificates are offered at the university or community college level.

Not all universities have departments devoted to public administration and policy, and you may have to look in different university or college faculties, such as a Faculty of Arts, Professional Studies, Business or Community Development. Undergraduate degrees in public administration and policy can give you the skills you need for employment or can serve as the foundation for a number of graduate programs in Canada or internationally.