Humanities and liberal arts programs in Canada tackle some of the most essential human issues, problems and possibilities. As the name suggests, humanities programs examine human nature and human society through fields like history, anthropology, archaeology, classics, geography, gender studies, philosophy, ethics, linguistics, foreign languages and cultures, literature, comparative religion, art history, sociology, psychology and political science. The liberal arts also include natural and physical sciences, and this combination is designed to provide a well-rounded education in general knowledge and intellectual skills. This field includes some of the most popular undergraduate and graduate programs of study in Canada for international students.

Options for 3- to 4-year university degrees in humanities and liberal arts include the Bachelor in General Studies (BGS), Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BAS/ BASc). Students interested in actively helping others might consider the more career-specific Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). These degrees have extensive specialization choices. Graduate study and honours degrees are available, and some institutions also offer shorter diplomas and certificates in arts or general studies.

Some large universities have smaller affiliate colleges that specialize in liberal arts as part of their campus. These are known as liberal arts colleges, so be sure to investigate this option of studying at a smaller college within a university. Many Christian universities and colleges also specialize in humanities and liberal arts education.

Remember: the critical thinking, research, communication and analytical skills gained from a humanities and liberal arts degree are highly valued by employers in a huge variety of fields, such as business, politics, foreign affairs, criminal justice, international development, peace and conflict resolution, the arts and entertainment industry, and more. Career options for humanities graduates are wide open, so start exploring humanities and liberal arts programs in Canada!