High schools in Alberta encompass a wide variety of schools, programs, and formats, each designed to meet different student needs.

Secondary-level education across Canada is overseen at the provincial level, not the federal level, which means there can be substantial differences between the provinces, and even between different school districts within a province. As you research high schools in Alberta, you may come across differences of terminology, grading methods, years of study, programs and curricula. Likewise, tuition at high schools in Alberta can vary depending on whether the school is public, private, religiously-affiliated, day school or boarding school.

In this section you can read all about the high school education experience in Alberta, the various high school types available, high school accreditation, recognition of Alberta high school diplomas, and international student scholarship opportunities. We've also compiled tips on how to prepare, choose and apply to high schools in Alberta, as well as a page answering the most common questions about high schools in Alberta.

Regardless of affiliation, location, cost or school type, high schools in Alberta are held to provincial government standards of quality, ensuring a world-class educational opportunity for domestic and international students alike.