Fine and performing arts programs in Canada lead to more careers than you might think! These are academically rigorous programs aimed at multi-talented students with both creative and intellectual drive. Depending on your interests, you can study fine arts like drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textile art, photography, film and video, digital and new media. If you're more interested in performing arts, then you can study acting, theatre, drama, dance, vocal arts, music performance, music theory and related areas like audio production and audio engineering.

Most arts-based university-level programs combine theoretical, historical and cultural learning with practical studio or lab work, and often culminate in public shows or performances of students' work. Classes are small, providing an intimate and personal education that encourages exploration and development of individual artistic vision--vision reflected in the professional portfolio built up during the program.

Study options for international students include 3- or 4-year Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music (BMus) or Bachelor of Media Arts (BMA) degree. Many larger universities also offer 5-year combined degrees in Fine Arts or Music and Education, where students graduate with two degrees. Arts degrees provide great flexibility for possible combinations of majors and minors.

Community colleges in Canada also offer fine and performing arts programs, with some art colleges dedicated solely to this field. Their programs are usually 1- to 2-year diplomas and certificates that prepare students for employment or which qualify for university transfer credit. As well, career colleges provide training for specific fine arts careers based on industry demand. Typically lasting between 12 and 52 weeks, visual and digital media programs are offered by some computer and technology career colleges, while career colleges devoted to film, photography, music, audio-visual arts, media arts or performing arts are also available.

Don't let anyone say you can't build a great career in the arts! Study in Canada for a fine and performing arts program.