Scholarships and awards
Community college scholarships for international students are available to new students based on criteria including academic success, artistic merit, athletic excellence, community involvement, references from instructors or employers or financial need.

The main types of community college scholarships for international students in Canada include:
  • Entrance (new student) scholarships

  • International entrance scholarships

  • Academic scholarships

  • Athletic "incentive" scholarships for international students

  • Program-specific scholarships
Many community colleges in Canada offer internally and externally administered scholarships for incoming students. Sometimes international students can apply for the same general entrance awards as Canadian students (although some are restricted to Canadian residents), and there may be specific entrance scholarships reserved solely for international students. In some cases, international students are automatically considered for these entrance scholarships when they apply. In other cases, scholarships are competitive and you must apply by a specific deadline. Eligibility and application requirements vary from one institution to another; therefore, it's important to consult the international student section and/ or the scholarship and financial assistance section of each community college website. Some scholarships are available to students--sometimes specifically international students--entering a particular program of study (such as trades and technology or fine arts), so check with the program department as well.

International entrance scholarships can be full-tuition or partial, may be renewable, and may also cover residence, books and other necessary gear. Community college scholarships generally range from $250 to $5,000 C$ for study in any program.

Scholarship and award programs for international students are also administered by the federal government, provincial governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and even community groups in the college's city or town.

Examples of some international student scholarships available at Canadian post-secondary institutions:

  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program (CCSP) and Government of Canada Awards (GCA)

  • College and Undergraduate Student Exchange Program (CUSEP)

  • International Student Humanitarian Award (awarded to students from impoverished or war-torn areas)

  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award

  • Programme canadien de bourses de la Francophonie

  • Ambassdorial Scholarships (Rotary Foundation)

  • Financial assistance
    Bursaries ranging from $500 to $1,000 are also sometimes available for international students who demonstrate financial need and reasonable academic standing. Bursaries may be given out as emergency assistance for basic educational expenses if the student's original financial sources have fallen through.

    Visa students are not eligible for the Canadian Federal or Provincial student loan program but should look at what assistance may be offered through their own country. Loan assistance is often available through the International Education Finance Corporation (IEFC).