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What FSL options are available to international students studying in Alberta?
FSL options available in Alberta may include business French, conversational French, French for academic purposes, French for the workplace, second-language teacher training programs, integrated programs and programs tailored for individual students. Online, on-campus, summer programs, spring break language camps and full-semester programs may also be available.

What is the difference between taking an FSL course and an FSL program?
FSL courses are usually taken as part of a wider academic program in an educational institution--such as a high school, college, or university semester--and have a single focus. FSL programs are usually made up of several courses and involve immersion or near-immersion study of French. However, some schools use the terms interchangeably.

How long will does it take to become proficient in French?
How long it takes to gain French proficiency depends on your current skill level, dedication, personal aptitude and the intensity of your FSL course or program. French is a more grammatically complex language than English, and becoming proficient in French can take a year or longer.

How do I choose between a language school or the language program at a high school, college or university? What is the difference between these options?
Language schools offer only language instruction, and their programs and courses tend to therefore be more focused and intense. High schools, colleges and universities offer FSL courses and programs which are often designed to run parallel to--or prepare you for--your general academic studies.

How many students will there be in an FSL class in Alberta?
Class sizes vary, but are usually less than 20 students.

Will my FSL program in Alberta help me meet university language standards?
A properly accredited FSL program should be able to bring you to the level where you can pass the French language proficiency test a university might require. Double-check any FSL program with your university's requirements to make sure that it meets those standards.

Am I guaranteed to pass the standardized language tests after my FSL course in Alberta?
No course can guarantee a pass on any test, but an accredited course with qualified teachers will help you prepare.

Are there prerequisites for international students studying FSL in Alberta?
Prerequisites depend on the program you apply to. However, there are FSL programs in Alberta for every level, from the newest beginner to more advanced students.

How are FSL programs in Alberta accredited?
Several independent organizations oversee the accreditation of FSL schools, programs and courses across Canada. They include Languages Canada, Canadian Language Council/Le Conseil des Langues du Canada (CLC) and the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS). For more details, see our section on Accreditation of FSL Programs in Alberta.

What recognition do FSL programs in Alberta have world-wide?
Accredited FSL programs in every Canadian province, including Alberta, are recognized for their excellence world-wide.

What advantages do Alberta FSL programs offer international students?
French is one of Canada's two official languages and is therefore spoken all across the country. Alberta offers a safe, welcoming and beautiful environment with programs in a variety of regions.

Will there be someone to take care of me if I have health problems?
Alberta has a publicly funded health-care system, which is administered on the provincial level. You may also wish to purchase extended health-care insurance from a secondary provider.

How are homestay families chosen?
Homestay programs screen families that apply to make sure they are well-prepared physically and personally to host an international student. Homestay programs may be independent, or they may be run in affiliation with a school.

If I live at the school, what are the residences or dormitories like?
Student residences or dormitories in Alberta vary from school to school. You are likely to have a roommate or possibly several suitemates, and you may share a bathroom with either your suitemates or with your floor. There is usually a common-room with television and other facilities. School dormitories are always be kept clean and safe for students, and high school dorms have adult supervision.
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