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Christian secondary schools in Canada offer a religious alternative to secular public or private schools. Christian secondary schools may be affiliated with a particular Protestant denomination, or be non-denominational in character. All Christian schools offer a provincially approved scholastic curriculum, but the level of Christian teaching varies from school to school.

Most Christian schools seek to integrate Biblical teachings, values and spiritual awareness into the traditional educational programming, offering students a well-rounded education grounded in a Christian context. The Christian secondary school environment supports academic success as well as personal and spiritual growth.

Christian secondary schools in Canada may be boarding schools or day-schools. They may focus on an arts education, a science-based education, or favour an integrated approach. This will vary with the individual school. As with most schools, Christian secondary schools that are open to international students generally provide English as a second language (ESL) or French as a second language (FSL) programs for students who need it. This may involve extra classes, or it may be integrated with the rest of the student's classes.

Tuition at Christian secondary schools varies widely depending on the school. It may range from costs similar to that of public secondary schools to the higher tuition for a boarding or preparatory school. Tuition assistance may also be available. Available accommodation also varies, but many day-schools work with the local Christian community to provide international students with affordable homestay spaces.

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