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Apply to study in Canada and extend your study permit

New entry requirement now in effect Study and work permit holders from a href="" target="_blank" content="nofollow">visa-exempt countries/a> who received their permit on or before July 31, 2015 are expected to a href=" ...
Mon, August 01, 2016
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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Changing from ESL to EAL Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth and Manitoba Labour and immigration have recently adopted the term "English as an Additional Language (EAL)" to refer to English language programming for linguistically diverse learners in both K-12 and adult programs. This revise ...
Mon, July 18, 2016
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New scholarship connects Pacific Rim partners to study opportunities in BC

New relationships and stronger ties are just two of the benefits that will flow from the first batch of scholarship winners from China, Japan, and South Korea heading over the Pacific to study in British Columbia. Education Minister Mike Bernier announced today that the first 120 elementary, seconda ...
Thu, June 30, 2016
British Columbia
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Upper Canada College - 10 reasons this year rocked

#1 We keep the medal haul coming. Our athletes like the sound of the word "victory." A big Blue Army cheer goes out to every one of you. Our recent spring successes include rowing, golf, tennis and cricket but we celebrated an incredible year across the board: 17 championships at the Prep School an ...
Tue, June 28, 2016
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Upper Canada College Graduate profile: Twins off to Harvard and Princeton

At first glance it would be easy to label fraternal twins Elliott and Gabriel Birman as opposites. Elliott is outgoing and talkative, while his older brother Gabriel is quiet and reserved. Elliott is brawny, Gabriel is brainy. Elliott led Upper Canada College's student body government in his final ...
Wed, June 15, 2016
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