Business Administration is one of the most popular programs for international students who come to study in Canada. Over 60 university-level business schools across Canada offer undergraduate business programs run under different names - BCom (Bachelor of Commerce), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), or BMgmt (Bachelor of Management). Some programs are direct entry 4-year programs (students begin their business studies in the first year). In other programs, students may do 1 or 2 years in arts and sciences before being admitted to the Business School.

Business administration prepares international students for all kinds of great careers! You can pursue a future in entrepreneurship, small business management or international management. Or maybe you'd like to work in golf management, health care administration, hospitality and tourism, or sports and leisure management. In terms of what to study, you can choose from specialization areas like accounting and taxation, brand and product management, communication and media management, economics, e-commerce, finance and financial management, human resource management, insurance and risk management, labour relations, leadership, management consulting, project management, retail management, sales management, services management and more.

Undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration in Canada are offered at universities, and community colleges offer different programs like 2-year associate's degrees or diplomas in management or a specific management specialization. You can also consider combining a specific area of business study with a Christian education at a Christian university or college.

In most business programs in Canada teamwork is emphasized and classes tend to be interactive with interactions between instructors and students and amongst the students themselves. As well, co-op work terms and exchanges are incorporated into many business schools, so be prepared to learn more than just business in business administration programs in Canada!