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Boarding schools in Canada are often rooted in traditions of academic excellence, and have long histories behind them, stretching back over a hundred years or more.

Boarding schools mean students live at the school as "boarders," and therefore offer the opportunity for young people to develop independence and self-reliance, while in a safe, structured, supportive and encouraging environment. Boarding schools in Canada work hard to make sure that students and their families remain closely involved, in spite of any geographical distance.

Boarding schools may be secular or have a religious or cultural affiliation, and may be located in a city or in more rural settings. Many also have programs not available at public or ordinary private schools, which may include enhanced physical education and special facilities like equestrian stables. Most use English or French as their primary language of instruction and administration, but many also have additional language programs. Because of their innovative and specialized programs, boarding schools in Canada are some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, and many of Canada's elite were educated in boarding schools. These schools attract world-class faculty and staff in all areas, including teaching and administration. Like all secondary education in Canada, boarding schools are under the jurisdiction of their respective province's Ministry of Education, although these schools aim to provide education that exceeds provincial standards of quality.

International student tuition at boarding schools in Canada is likely to be among the highest of all Canada's high schools, but often includes the accommodation or boarding fee. Tuition for international students generally ranges from $35,000 to $50,000, depending on the school and the services offered.

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